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Super to be enshrined in National Employment Standards

The Government has announced that it will enshrine a right to superannuation payments in the National Employment Standards (NES).

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Company loan to pay down the mortgage

Reduce interest on the non-deductible debt by using company cash to offset their personal mortgage, then transferring the cashback by 30 June.

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ATO Rental Property Blitz

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has launched a full-on assault on rental property owners who incorrectly report income and expenses.

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‘OnlyFans’ Tax Risk Warning

The explosion of OnlyFans, YouTubers, TikTokers and others all offer an opportunity for ‘content creators’ to profit from the audiences. The Tax Office has given notice to the industry.

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Access to home guarantee scheme expanded to friends and siblings

From 1 July 2023, access to the Government’s Home Guarantee Scheme will be expanded to joint applications from friends, siblings, and other family members.

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$20K Small Business Energy Incentive

In a pre-Budget announcement, the Government has committed to a Small Business Energy Incentive Scheme that offers a bonus tax deduction of up to $20,000.

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