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120% deduction for skills training and technology costs

The Australian government has reinvigorated the 120% skills training and technology costs deduction for small and medium business.

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Acquiring collectibles inside your SMSF

Clients with self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) often ask what assets the SMSF can acquire.

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How to sell your business?

There are two key components at play in the sale of a business: structuring the transaction; and positioning the business to the market.

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Tax reprieve for double taxation of Indian technical support

The tax system currently allows Australia to tax payments made by an Australian customer in relation to technical services provided by an Indian firm.

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Register your .au domain!

23:59 UTC on 20 September 2022 is the cut-off to register for your .au direct domain.

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$2K Specialist Advice Business Grant

The $2,000 Small Business Specialist Advice Pathways Program Grants are for small business to employing small businesses to access financial and legal advice and services to inform current and future business decisions.

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