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Unraveling Payroll Tax: Common Blunders and Grouping Dilemmas for Small Business Owners

We'll dive into some of the everyday mistakes and tricky grouping issues that small businesses often encounter when dealing with payroll tax.

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Gold Coast office market faces a shortage in 3 years

Despite an increase in the region’s office vacancy rate the Gold Coast office market is facing a shortage of office space within the next three years.

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FBT-Free Electric Cars

New legislation before Parliament, if enacted, will make zero or low emission vehicles FBT-free. We explore who can access the concession and how. 

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Smarter Refinancing Before the Holiday Season

Despite the 13 interest rate increases in 19 months, your mortgage interest rate could and should still start with a ‘5’.

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Redrawing investment loans

If you have an investment property loan and redraw on the loan for a different purpose the loan account becomes a mixed purpose account.

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When is food GST-free?

A recent case before the AAT demonstrates how fine the dividing line is between GST-free and taxable foods.

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