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Shannon Smit wins SMSF Adviser of the Year

Smart Business Solutions chief executive Shannon Smit, winner of SMSF Adviser of the Year award, talks about the evolution of her business and shares her insights on complex SMSF planning issues.

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4 ways to boost your SMEs cash flow in 2023

Getting a good grasp of your business’s cash flow situation will help put you in a strong financial position.

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The SMART Amazing Race 2022

You will be amazed in this race against time to reach the finish line. Welcome to The Amazing Race memoir - Smart Business Solutions 2022  End of Year Team Building and Christmas party.

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What do the 'Secure Jobs, Better Pay' reforms mean?

The Government’s ‘Secure Jobs, Better Pay’ legislation passed Parliament on 2 December 2022.

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Missed the Director ID deadline? Now What?

If you are required to but have not yet applied for your ID, you should seek an extension immediately.

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Avoiding the FBT Christmas Grinch

The most effective way of sharing Christmas joy with customers is not necessarily the most tax effective.

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