Tax & Business Advice

This is the ‘what we do for money’ part. We act as business intelligence in your business and we report back to you.

Traditional Accounting Compliance

Preparing & lodging your tax returns; producing end of year financials;

Management Advisory

Acting as your CFO; we meet you monthly or quarterly, analysing your figures and addressing the areas which can help your business to improve. We want your business to grow. We identify your revenue and cost drivers and work on them until you are happy with your profit.


Advising you on clever tax strategy, helping you hold on to your hard earned dollar.

Business Valuation

How much is your Business Worth? Talk to an expert today. We are valuing for Business Success.

We can tell you what your business is worth on the market. We can tell you what your business will be worth after you have implemented our suggested strategies.

At SMART Business Solutions we look at your business organisation and help you to turn it into world best practice. We make sure that you utilise all your resources to their full capacity. We turn your record-keeping drudgery into an effortless act. Learn from us about beautiful accounting software.

We believe in two simple realities:
deliver exceptional value, on time.

We take time to understand your needs and those of your family so that you are assured of the best financial advice possible. We work closely with astute lawyers, insurance brokers, financial advisors, and business professionals, and collaborate, whenever possible, with your controller, bookkeeper, and other office personnel.

What we enjoy doing

Working alongside clients who;
• Want to grow their business
• Are looking for smart strategies to help get second wind of inspiration about the business.
• Are happy to pay for our services on the basis that our services cost less than the value they create to the client.

We work on a contract basis, on one-off project basis, but rarely on an hourly basis. Our prices depend on the quality of your data, volume and your readiness to come back with answers to our queries.

We are happy to have a chat at no cost to you and if both agree that our cooperation can contribute to your prosperity, we will shake hands. Remember, talking it through costs nothing. Ideas are extra.

What we don’t do

Speak accounting slang to our clients.

Take on projects that we don’t believe we can deliver or those where the client cannot produce what is needed to get the job done.

Take on clients unless there is a mutuality of intent.

Take on clients looking for tax evasion – Australia is built on integrity. We do not lie, yet we are knowledgeable enough to arrange the tax law in your favour.